NOAA Coast Survey discovers special holiday greetings   6 comments

A Coast Survey hydrographic team recently found a special holiday wish during their survey of the seafloor. We share it with you, along with our sincere hopes for a spectacular 2013!

(To play video, click button in middle of image)

This video was created by Ian Colvert, a survey technician with Coast Survey’s Navigation Response Team 6.
(Who can guess why he added a “smiley face” at the end of the greeting? Leave your answer in the comments.)

Posted December 18, 2012 by NOAA Office of Coast Survey in Cartography, Hydrographic surveys

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6 responses to “NOAA Coast Survey discovers special holiday greetings

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  2. Pam, this video includes a hydrographic play on words. Hydrographers use the common term “holiday” to describe a gap in coverage in mainscheme bathymetry, usually caused by operator error. This video depicts an intentional hydrographic “holiday” to spell out “happy holidays.” 😉 — Dawn


  3. Awesome! So, why the smiley face?


  4. Thanx 4 the greetings. Nice touch. Happy holidays to Noaa!


  5. Yay Fred, you got it!

    — Dawn Forsythe, Coast Survey communications


  6. no data gaps! 🙂 well done. now about that Christopher Columbus…


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