Take a 360 tour of NOAA Ship RAINIER

In celebration of 50 years of survey and service to the nation, NOAA ships Rainier and Fairweather—two of NOAA’s hydrographic survey vessels—will be opening their doors and hosting public ship tours. Since we understand that many of you are unable to be in Newport, Oregon, the afternoon of March 22 to take a tour in person, we are bringing the tour to you! The following 20 images offer a 360 degree view of the interior and exterior of NOAA Ship Rainier. The images were taken last field season on the survey operations mission to Channel Islands, California. From the crew mess and engine room to a view from the bow, we have captured it all.

The crew mess


Wardroom lounge


Laundry room

Ocean lab

Survey plot room

“Holodeck” (aft survey plot room)




Infirmary (med bay)

Cold stores

Central engine room control

Engine room


Boat deck



View of fantail from boat deck

6 thoughts on “Take a 360 tour of NOAA Ship RAINIER

  1. I was a deckhand on Surveyor, Fairweather, and my favorite, the Ranier in 77- 79. We did spend most of our time in Alaskan waters, but sailed to Hawaii in 79…This tour brought back a lot of great memories. She still looks to be in great shape…

    Thanks for posting this!


  2. Wonderful memories. I was lucky to sail on Mt. Mitchell as a deckhand in 1982, and then as FOO on RAINIER in the early 90s. Being at sea was definitely some of the happiest years of my life. Thanks for sharing, James Waddell

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  3. I too was on their sister ship – NOAA Ship Mt. Mitchell (1976-1978). These images bring back a LOT of memories! Thanks for not only the posting, but for the great job y’all do for the nation, NOAA, and the mariners of the world.
    Cheers, Michael Henderson, CDR, NOAA, Ret.

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